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5 Breaststroke Swim Drills To Try

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1. 400 freestyle, every 4th lap breaststroke:
When swimming breaststroke try to glide 3 seconds

2. 4X150, 50m: breaststroke swimming technique+100m: freestyle
In the 1st 25, you swim only with your hands in the breaststroke (legs closed)without breathing, 2nd lap- only legs breaststroke and 100 freestyle
*between each 150m rest 30 sec

3. 6X50 breaststroke with fins:
1st 25 m hands breaststroke, legs dolphin. second lap freestyle

4. 50 slow

5. 4X300, starting with breaststroke fast and adding each 300 another lap of breaststroke:
1st 300- 25 breaststroke
2nd 300- 50 breaststroke and continue freestyle
3rd- 75 breaststroke
4th- 100 breaststroke all out- see the time and continue freestyle in 75%

Credit: Swim West