Due to an electrical issue, Wallsend pools is closed this morning Thursday 25th of January for repairs. Please visit one of our other pools to cool off.
Keep an eye out on our socials for further updates.

Introducing Greg Douglass

March Newsletter Headings (3)
Learn more about our Lifeguard Greg Douglass as we ask him a few questions to get to know him!
Name: Greg Douglass
Role: Lifeguard
How long they’ve been working in the industry/or BlueFit? first season
Favourite movie? Top Gun
Favourite Song? Hall of fame – The Script
Favourite Quote? you never know the possible, till you go beyond it into the impossible
Favourite Colour? Green
Any hobbies? Triathlons
Any pets?  border collie
Favourite thing about working in the industry? engaging the customers
What’s one thing you’ve learned working at newcastle pools? how to do pool testing and to never take your eyes off the water!