Beresfield, Mayfield, Stockton and Wallsend are closed for the winter. Lambton is open till the 28th of May. 


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The 20th – 26th of March is Water Safety Week here at BlueFit Swimming ! 

We pride ourselves on keeping the local community safe and educating students about how to swim safely. A key element to our program is our Water Safety Week. We believe that it is critical for our families and communities to be reminded of the importance of being safe and vigilant around water. BlueFit is committed to the safety of our communities and we need your help to ensure our message and skills are passed on to all children and extended families for a safer community.

Pyjama Safety Week is upon us, and this year BlueFit Swimming are asking students to come dressed up in their pyjamas. Throughout this week, staff will be teaching water safety specific lessons, that focus on water safety skills such as floating, treading water, basic rescue techniques and much more!

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our friendly reception team.


Water Safety Week is an entire week dedicated to educating our students with essential water safety skills.

This year the Pyjama Water Safety Week is Monday 20th to Sunday 26th March.

All preschool and school age children need to bring their pyjamas (top and shorts are acceptable) to swim in during their swimming lesson.

All infants and parents or caregivers need to both bring a t-shirt to wear during swimming lessons.

This is imperative as we simulate swimming in clothing and what swimming techniques could help save your child’s life.