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Check Out Newcastle’s Olympians!

Sep 2021 eNews Headers (25)

During the 2020 Tokyo Olympics & Paralympics, we had a couple of locals from Newcastle make the team and represent Australia!

Nathan Power who is the brother of one of our staff represented Australia in water polo at the Tokyo Olympics! Nathan initially made the team for Rio in 2016 as well but had to withdraw with a hand injury, he then had to wait 5 long years and lots of hard work and training to make the team again for Tokyo. Nathan grew up in Newcastle and spent his junior years training at Lambton Pool with the Central Water polo club.

During covid last year Nathan returned home from overseas and used Lambton pool to keep up with his training for the Olympics. His father and sister are still very involved with the central water polo club at Lambton pool! We are really proud of the passion and commitment the Power family has in Newcastle’s sporting community.

Then we also had, 3-time Olympian, Richie Campbell, who was a part of the Aussie Sharks, the Men’s Water Polo Team and Sam Fricker, a first-time Olympian who competed in the diving 10m platform who actually begun his diving career at Lambton Swimming Pool.

Finally, during the Paralympics, we had Lauren Parker, a Paralympic Triathlete who won silver at Tokyo! She led the entire race but was pipped at the post for 1st place. When Lauren is home in Newcastle she uses Lambton pool for some of her swim training. Lauren has overcome so much and you can learn more about her journey through her Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing them in future games!